User agreement

Welcome to Beonia!

The User agreement describes terms and conditions on which Beonia offers you access to the website and its services. By registering your account on Beonia and using its Services you accept these terms and conditions and agree to follow them.

User agreement Modifications: We reserve the right to modify this Agreement, or any other agreements that is incorporated by reference into these terms. All changes will be posted to you via email address that you registered with us. Modified User Agreement shall enter into force on the date of posting it on the Site.

Changes in Services: We also may decide to replace Services with other Services or discontinue them. In such a case, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Services, after you have been pre informed.

Access & Membership: Our Services are available only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. The Services are not available to people under the age of 18 without parental approval or temporarily or permanently suspended members. Beonia also reserves the right to refuse access to, or use of our Site to anyone, at any time at our own discretion.


Personal information of Members: The Privacy Policy describes the processing and protection of your personal data when you use Beonia’s services. By accepting this User Agreement, you consent to the processing of your personal data described in our Privacy Policy.


Using Beonia: Beonia provides an electronic platform for Companies and Private users who want to buy / sell items, advertise, find jobs or services.  We do not take any part in the sale of items; promote any of the listings, postings or information.  All sorts of contacts between you and other users are conducted entirely at your own risk. You agree that Beonia has no responsibility or liability for any misconduct of any of its users. We do not give undertakings, representations, or warranties in relation to items listed on the Website, or advertised or offered through any Categories.

Using Beonia’s platform for marketing you agree to follow Marketing Practices Act of your Country. If any violation of these Acts occurs, the Company runs the risk of incurring losses in the form of fines stipulated by Marketing Practices Acts.


Indemnification: Because we are not involved in the actual relationship between any types of Beonia users in event that any third party demands compensation due to your violation of this User Agreement  or violation of any existing  law or third part rights you release Beonia  from any claims, demands or damages.


 Restrictions: Our Services should be used only for lawful purposes. Posting, distribution, transmission, storage of material or conduct in violation of any applicable law or regulation is strictly prohibited. This includes unauthorized use of all intellectual rights, material that is libellous, defamatory and obscene or constitutes any illegal threat.

On Beonia site it is not permitted  to display, distribute,  perform , upload, download or transmit any Content that is defamatory, obscene, libellous, pornographic, abusive, or threatening; encourages conduct that could give rise to civil liability,  constitute a criminal offense, or violate any applicable law or regulation; advertise or collect funds for goods or services by extortionate; submit surveys, chain letters, junk mail, spam or unsolicited messages; creates a false identity for the misleading purpose;  defame a class of people because of their race, religion(or lack of religious belief), country of origin, sexual orientation or gender, age, disability; depicts violent or criminal acts, perpetrators or victims of violence or crime, or seeks to incite violence or crime, posting any material that depicts, provoke or encouraging violence or killing of animals. Beonia reserves the right to terminate your post, transmission, or other distribution of any such materials using the Site or Services.


Intellectual Property: Beonia holds the intellectual property rights to the text, images, design, underlying software code and other material and information that is made accessible to you through your use of the Services. Such material and information exclusively aimed for use of our Services and the default is the property of Beonia.

Use of automated services such as robots, spiders, indexing and other methods of systematic use of the content on the website is not permitted.


Liability: Beonia will not be liable to guarantee secure uninterrupted continuous access to services by the occurrence of any event beyond its reasonable control, including an Internet outage or interruption of service, a communications outage, failure by a service provider, a labour disturbance, disaster of natural nature or warL.


Dispute resolutions: Laws of the Republic of India shall apply to the Services and this User Agreement. Disputes shall be settled by an Indian court.


Code of conduct sets out principles and behaviours that are expected of all Ads owners and site users participating in online interactions.

All Beonia users agree to:

- Comply with Beonia’s  User agreement.

- Comply with all laws, including sale of goods, intellectual property laws and Marketing laws.

- Refrain from offensive way in any interactions

- Not engage in retaliatory feedback or behaviour

- Respond to email queries as soon as possible

- Conduct themselves honestly and in good faith at all times

Beonia reserves the right to suspend any member who do not follow the rules or uses site in the way that are harmful to its users or site owner itself.


Advertising Rules:

Before you decide to use our services you need to ensure that your Ads comply with Beonia User Agreement and that it isn't listed in our Prohibited items list.

You are personally responsible for the information in your Ad and ensure that it does not violate applicable laws and regulations of the Country.


Ads review and control: Beonia reserves the right to review all Ads and to decline or remove an Ad if the content violates User Agreement, any legal regulations, third part rights, or Beonia’s Code of conduct and principles. Beonia also retains the right to control user’s identity or Ad’s content authenticity when it is necessary.


Language: We recommend to use English language in your Ad. It will allow you to reach out as many number of responses to your Ad.  


Selection of Category: Place your Ad in the in the most appropriate Category. If you not sure we can help you to find the Category which best describes your product or service. Do not post the goods or services in the same Ad if they do not belong to the same category. Split them into multiple Ads instead. If you want to sell your Product, select category “For sale”. If you want to buy, select “Want to buy” etc. When we review your Ad we may move it to the right Category.


Ad Title and Description: Title and description text in your Ad have to correspond to the description of the goods or services you are advertising.  Items must be accurately represented and listings must be placed in the most appropriate category. 'Keyword spamming' to manipulate search results will be declined. Listings containing sale of an actual item must not be including offering services. All prices should be in Indian Rupees and include all applicable GST (if any).


Replacing of the product or service in the Ad: It is not allowed to place more than one Property object or Vehicle in “Motor ”Category per Ad with the exception if you place those in Category “Exchange”. You cannot edit your Ad to re-use it for a different items or services that belongs to different Categories before your Ad’s period is over. However you may always replace your item with new item or service which belong to the same Category as an original one. E.g you placed your Car Ad in Category Motor for Sale for 90 days. If you sold your car or by any other reason you wish to discontinue to sell it, you may replace this car with another one. You cannot use remaining Ad’s period to advertise e.g Motorbike in this case. You will not be able to change the “Car” Category as well as “For sale” to “Want to buy” etc until your Ad’s period is over.

Companies who sell their products on the regularly basis, may purchase long period Ad in particular Category, f.e “Dresses”. Within Ad’s Active period the Company may replace products in this Ad if the newly added products belong to the same Category “Dresses”.


Images: Images should be relevant to the product or service you're advertising. It is not allowed to use images from other Ads on Beonia or any other Advertising sources without the advertiser's consent, which may be protected by copyright law.


Duplicate Ads: We may also remove your Ad if it placed more than once at the same time with the same Title or content in the same or different Category.


Marketing, Links and references: You may advertise sales, rentals, exchanges, and services and alerts together with description of you or your Company, enter links and contacts that are relevant to the product or service you're advertising. You are responsible for the content of the web page you are linking to. However you cannot link or refer to another Classified or Auction sites. It is not allowed to use other Companies /Individuals information which are not related to you as your own. You are not allowed to submit links, contents which violates User Agreement or country laws.


Clothing & shoes: Fur and other products from animals that is used for production of Clothing, Shoes or Accessories will not be allowed to advertise on Beonia site. If the material is identical in appearance to the animal products, but has an artificial origin- this should be stated in the announcement.


Rules for Animals: We on Beonia have special view point on treatment of Animals. That is why we decided to not include any Advertising of Animals or Animals equipment, which will be used for slaughtering or any other way of their abuse.  Animals which are not allowed to sell by country law cannot be advertised on Beonia site. Please check up with Indian laws before you place your Ad.


Baby animals should not be sold until they reached their minimum age.

Dogs may not be sold before they are 8 weeks old,

Cats- 12 weeks old,

Rabbits- 7-10 weeks old,

Guinea pigs and hamsters-4-5 weeks old,

Mice- 4 weeks old,

Rats-5 weeks old,

Chinchilla- 8 weeks old,

Degu- 6 weeks old,

Gerbil- 8 weeks old,

Budgie- 6 weeks old.

Cockatiel- 7 weeks

Dwarf Parrot- 6 weeks

Canary Bird- 30 days

Finches- 30 days

Make sure you mentioned the animal age in your Ad!


Weapon: On Beonia site it is not allowed to advertise weapon of any type or weapon related items, such as firearms or its parts, magazines, ammunition, stun guns, tear gas, switchblade knives etc.


Medicine & Medical devices : Medicine is not allowed to advertise on Beonia site, except for natural medicine, f.e supplemental health care medicine,  Crude Medicine and only which advertised by registered Company with reference to its existing website. All Ads advertising natural medicine will be strictly controlled along with provided information outside of Beonia site. We reserve the right to decline any such Ad at our own discretion.

If selling a medical device you have to mention in your Ad "Consult a medical professional first and follow the instructions."

Counterfeiting, Piracy and stolen goods: Stolen goods, unauthorised imitated branded goods, unauthorised exact copy of items covered by an intellectual property rights are not allowed to be advertised.

Food: All advertised food must be correspond with food regulations as prescribed in the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 (FSS Act) and other existing Indian laws that regulates food safety and risk management, food labelling and standards requirements.


Prohibited items list

  • Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, Recreational drugs, narcotics, cigarette or nicotine replacements, psychotropic substances, intoxicants of any type.
  • Hazardous chemicals and pesticides and/ or items in violation of Hazardous Chemicals Act, 1985.
  • Human bodies or body parts.
  • Animal products, obtained by means of violence or killing of animals (including eggs) or products of dead animals.
  • Sweepstakes Entries, Lottery Tickets, Slot Machines
  • Used underwear as well as Images depicting models who demonstrate underwear, swimsuits etc.
  • Pornography and Sex-toys
  • E-mail addresses, Identity Documents, Personal Information or Personal Financial Records.
  • CCTV footage
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Uniforms for Emergency services (Police, military)
  • Protected by Indian Government objects like "Antiquities" and "Art Treasures" ( Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 )
  • Shares, debentures, bonds or any other financial assets of any type.
  • Fireworks, explosives and destructive devices or any material that enables the making of them.


Services: Advertised services must comply with the laws and regulations that apply to each branch. It is under the full responsibility of Service Ad owner to pay all taxes and fees in accordance with Tax laws and regulations. Services for which you are not licensed or permitted to perform are not allowed to advertise.


Services to not be advertised

  • Babysitting (temporary as well as long-term)
  • Massage conducted by a private individuals.
  • Tattoo conducted by a private individuals.
  • Other beauty services conducted by a private individuals.
  • Services offered by illegal businesses.